No More One Ways at HSR Layout

No More Oneways!

At Last some peace comes to our Neighborhood as the Traffic Police have canceled the one way rule for 27th main and 10th cross, also they have unblocked all the connecting roads where they had dumped the debris to restrict the vehicle movement. Now no need to worry about getting into any road. The traffic has been reduced to a great extent and now HSRians can feel little bit safer while crossing the roads!

One thought on “No More One Ways at HSR Layout”

  1. Dear Sirs

    Your article on HSR Layout in todays Mirror came at the right time.
    As a resident of the locality for the last 8 years I too have seen the considerable development on the one hand and the considerable deterioration on the other.

    Some points to ponder:
    1. Private vehicles, School buses, HTV’s and other such tend to speed through this well populated residential area endangering the lives and limbs of pedestrians, seniors, children and pets.
    2. I live on 24th Cross street – daily the school buses hurtle up and down the road because they appear to be constantly in a race against time.
    3. Speed bumps: there are many badly designed speed bumps in the area. And in some places where speed bumps are actually required, they are conspicuous in their absence.
    4. The condition of most roads in the layout are pathetic – they were re-laid around 2 years ago but the subsequent influx of huge levels of heavy traffic have completely ruined them again.
    5. Construction debris everywhere – the various building owners, constructors and commercial establishment casually dump huge quantities of debris on the public roads in addition to clearly flouting building norms and laws.
    6. There is a marked lack of any kind of Zoning laws in operation – residential vs commercial properties so the area is full of commercial establishments existing right next to private residences, causing further trouble.
    7.Lack of proper policing in the neighbourhood – incidence of unwanted elements roaming around at night and thievery, burglaries on the rise – earlier (even just 3-4 months ago, there used to be a regular night patrol with Police Jeeps, Motorbikes and Bicycles. Of late this has stopped and this has led to a rise in unwanted elements in the area. My neighbour’s vehicle was broken into about 2 weeks ago at night and several items stolen from it.
    8. High level of casual labourers, construction workers and itinerant workers residing on site on many construction projects – this kind of free un-regulated movement of these workers provides a perfect opportunity for unwanted elements.
    9. Use of the entire areas of vacant, overgrown sites and Army land as a public toilet by these construction workers, itinerant workers and casual labourers. – In the absence of proper public toilet facilities these people are forced to use public spaces for the call of nature. This leads to disease, illness and contamination. Most people who are constructing either private houses or commercial buildings do not provide toilet spaces for the construction workers involved in building the structures. For lack of facilities these workers are forced to use public areas.
    10. Presence of a huge plastic sheeted tented shanty town near MK Retail and other places. Suddenly the HSR Layout residential area has a huge influx of shantytown dwellers – all compromising the overall safety and peace of the area.

    We request the BBMP authorities and the Police/ Law and Order authorities to involve themselves deeply in these issues and help the residents with a proper workable solution to the same.

    Thank you

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