The Deadly Road Junctions of HSR Layout

19th Main-17th Cross JunctionThere is no better word to call these Junctions of HSR Layout for what they have become, where  accidents and collisions have become regular , few days ago an Innova turned turtle at 19th Main and 17th Cross Junction, and today an i10 collided with an Estillo car at 19th Main and Club Road Junction. Thankfully no deaths have taken place except for minor injuries, but do we need to wait until then?. The Authorities needs to build Speed Breakers at all these junction and  install “Round About Island” specially at 19th Main and 17th Cross Junction which is very wide and creates lot of confusion among the drivers.

Because of the Flyover work at Agara and 14th Main Signal most of the outer ring road traffic is passing through HSR Layout, finding shortcuts and trying every available road causing disturbance to the residents, and adding this they forget that they are not on Outer Ring Road and are passing through a residential Layout, but they zoom at great speeds on these roads. To ease up the traffic the civic agencies upgraded almost all the Main roads to 60-80 Feet  but they forget to provide safety measures tooo!.

Some of these Deadly roads include 17th Cross, 22nd Cross, 24th Main, 19th Main etc. Waiting for Some Quick Action.

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  1. There are no proper street lights and traffic signals in HSR layout. The roads in HSR layout are prone to accidents as they are wide enough for the 4-wheelers to zoom by at high speeds. I have seen some 4-wheelers who were taking turns at cross-roads at high speeds(60-80 kmph). All the IT company buses stop at 19th Main-17th Cross or 19th Main-22nd cross junctions. Due to non-availability of proper street lights along the 19th Main, there is a possibility of women being robbed in these localities. Can the local authorities look into this matter as soon as possible ?

  2. Hi, I too am a resident in HSR Layout Sector 2 and while I find it alarming that these roads have no street lights and is an area where speeding occurs, I find it even more alarming that we are clamoring for more speedbreakers, when the entire city and HSR Layout is already covered with speed breakers. To illustrate this point from my home to my office in Bagmane tech park – a mere 15kms distance, there are no 1, 5 or 10 but 50 speed breakers!!!!

    The problem is not the lack of speed breakers but the lack of sense in motorists to curb speeding and installing speed breakers is not the answers. This just adds to the list of traffic woes that exist in our area. People will speed even if there are speed breakers and to call for more is just plain shortsightedness to a long term problem.

    The awareness and call for support should be for people who are traveling in the company cars to stop their drivers from speeding. This kind of knee jerk reaction is pointless since no one is factoring the consequences of broken backs and road rage.

    Please stop this campaign at the earliest.

  3. Dear Shyam,
    Thanks for posting, I agree with you that to prevent this problem of over speeding common civic sense should prevail on the drivers part, but here we are not talking about putting speed breakers on the outer ring road and nor fill it with unscientific Bumps at every 50 meters, and if you think only company cars are a problem its not true, in fact almost all the accidents I have seen here are by personal cars, everyday i see at-least 2 cars speeding here as if they are in a Formula One Race, The Article is Stressing to make HSR Roads Safer, which can only be possible by active participation of Civic Bodies and Residents, Putting Speed limit/Halt-and-Proceed Signs, Checking and penalizing the errant drivers, making Round About Islands at major Junctions as I have written above are few good measures that can be taken to control speeding vehicles.
    Do share if you have any more solution for this problem

  4. @kandallavamsi, yes very true,
    I wonder why the BBMP have not done anything yet for these intersections!!, as they continue to make nice roads in HSR Layout, I can only think of getting the same old Historic Answer from them, “this work comes under ABCD Department and not our Fault, blah blah blah blah”

  5. I do not agree that putting speed breakers are the solution. If at all that reinforces the view that breakers and barriers and not motorist education is the real solution.

    It is always about the people. How you treat fellow motorists on road and whether or not you have road manners that matter. A case in point is 17th cross 19th main round about. Very few people actually go round the round-about. Another case in point is, I have seen cars parked on the curb at 2/3 cafe near BDA. There is always double parking near MK Ahmed’s shop behind BDA complex. People do not want to walk 50 meters and insist on (double) parking the vehicle.

    Ideally when you park, you should not park more than 6 inches from curb. But here people park bang in the middle and do not even realize. I believe education about road manners is the only solution. A change will only come when we believe we are doing something wrong. I believe for the most part all these people are not even aware that they are doing anything wrong.

  6. @Rajeev,
    Thanks for posting about problems near 2/3 coffee and MK Ahmed store, I agree specially since McDonalds opened in this junction things have changed drastically the traffic jams and senseless parking,
    About the Junction at 19th Main and 17th Cross the existing roundabout is not actually a round about it is just a platform on-which they have put this high light mast, we need something like the one in front of Lalbagh North Gate or something like Ashoka Pillar in Jayangar, a proper one, (Mrs.Corporator or Mr.MLA are you reading this how about Placing Ashoka Pillar and making a Landmark in our Locality?), BTW There was another Accident Last week in this Junction involving a Honda City and Fiesta!! both rammed into each other in the broad day light at 4pm!! and escaped with minor injuries.

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