Towards a clean HSR Layout: Waste bins distributed

Green=Organic, Red=Inorganic

The HSR Layout residents and          their Corporator Latha Narasimhamurthy are going all out to make their layout clean and garbage-free. They had launched a campaign recently to create awareness about waste segregation in Agara Village and HSR Layout 4th Sector. The campaign emphasized the need for separating wet and dry kitchen wastes and putting them in two different bins (red and green) and handing them over to garbage collectors.

BBMP has already supplied 1,000 red bins and 1,000 green bins to ward No 174, each of which has a capacity to carry two to three kg of waste.  Most of the residents in Agara Village have received the bins and are using them, but the residents in Sector 4 say that they have received only about 50 bins.However, here is the big question: Will the residents use these bins in an effective way even after receiving these dustbins? To this, the Corporator Latha Narasimhamurthy said, “We are not distributing these waste bins just because they come free. We are making people aware of the waste management system and its uses during the door-to-door distribution. We also collect data like the names of the residents, their phone numbers and addresses. This helps us keep track of the waste disposal.”
She also said, “We thought that since Sector 4 is a small area, we will cover the whole sector by distributing waste bins and make it a modal sector. But now we are facing difficulties. Volunteers are very few and many houses will be closed and some won’t open their doors at all. So we have now decided to distribute them in 7th Sector since they too require them.”
By -Punnyavathi Gouli S,  Source Dainik Jagran CityPlus

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  1. Thanks for the information published in your website. It is indeed quite informative.

    Please let me know where I can get this Waste bins. I’m located in HSR Layout Sector 1

  2. Mr.Nikhilesh,
    BBMP will provide two dustbins to each resident by the BBMP, green for wet garbage and red for dry(plastic) garbage. This program is being implemented in HSR Sector 4 and Agara village to start with. The corporator has called upon the RWAs to play an active role in getting the concept introduced in every household, for which BBMP has decided to provide two colored dustbins. Meanwhile, if the residents see problems with door-to-door garbage collection, garbage cleaning or road-side sweeping, please contact the garbage contractor Mr. Prabhakar (9980139898) or Health Inspector Mr. Basavaiah (9480683497).
    Source:HSR Federation

  3. While we are taking on the topic of Towards a clean HSR Layout: Waste bins distributed Neighborhood News, As far as charges are concern than charges depend upon company to company. You can find many companies which offer their services on flat charges which you might find costlier whereas some companies provide the service on rent basis as in you can take bin or dumpster on rent.

  4. HSR Layout is probably the highest tax paying ward in bangalore, but recent surveys show that it is one of the worst 20 wards of banglore. why is everybody trying to eyewash the public with 2 dustbins act? please act accordingly with a bigger agenda..

  5. Please visit Somasundrapalya junction, HSR layout sector-2. Its right next to Chinmaya Vidyamandir School. People are dumping garbage there and cannot walk there because of the smell. And also the place is full of pigs and stray dogs because of this. BBMP has done NOTHING to stop this. The road adjacent to it also is pathetic (not tarred for years). We havent seen the Corporator doing any action on this. Request the corporator to do something on this for the people staying around. It is right next to school and the kids are also getting affected due to this. Not sure why no action is done here.

  6. Regrding dumping wates in 2 bins .2bins is not provided in sector6 yet.pamphlets circular is gng. But still many people throw their garbage in open sites next to site no 693.garbage collector comes ,but only few of us give it to him,many others think they have to pay him,so theydont give it and throw in roads or open sites

  7. Please first make people to give their garbages to garbage many sectors of hsr layout,garbage is dumped in open sites.garbage collrctor comesand takes garbage,they do thier work well,i appreciate them,but it is few people who dont want to pay them and throw garbage in open sites.cows especially eat this plastics,dogs just brings the garbage to roads.when this things are not working,then how will this method of seggregation of wastes will work? Lot of hard work from bbmp and all people’s coordination is request alll the people to support to make hsr layouts and bangalore and our country a cleaner place to live in.

  8. Hi, I am from hsr layout sector3.the garbage people comes whenever thay want they show so much attitude as if they are doing favour by cleaning it.They dont collect it properly as a result we have to through it on road side.Sometime it happens that they dont come for two days and whole place starts smelling also.please help us.

  9. We stay in Sector 4, near national public school, none of the people around our neighbourhood have received the dust bins, where can we collect those now? today morning they have given us phamplet on using bins for disposal.

  10. Hi. I am from HSR Layout – Sector 3, near HSR club. I am facing problem with ‘Garbage Disposal’. Even though we are separating dry and wet waste the garbage collecting people are not collecting properly. Because the house which Ia m staying is a 3 storied individual house. As we are not provided with the dustbins to keep the garbage separately, we are keeping both covers containing dry and waste side by side in one corner and the collecting people are just leaving them as it is, stating that they wont collect the mixed ones even though we kept them separated. If we tie the covers to the gate cows and stray dogs just tare them and make a mess up in front of the house. Of all these reasons people are just throwing their waste on the roads. So I request to provide dustbins to keep dry and wet garbage bags separately so that the garbage collectors wont create problem to us and also it wont be a problem for them to collect.

  11. Hi..I m Nahid residing in 21St cross, near 27th main, HSR LAYOUY, SECTOR-2. I really don’t know how to define such a poor service. Even if we keep the waste separately, these people refuse to take it. From 2 days , I have kept the garbage in my home, because these people don’t take it away, with a last option to throw it roadside. The most irritating part is that we don’t even get to know when they come and go and they never do door-to-door collection. We are not even provided with the dustbins yet. This is my sincere request that please provide dustbins which we can keep outside our buildings so dat when the garbage collectors come,they can collect it without arguing with us. And please instruct them to collect garbage from each house.

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