HSR Cops Spread peace message

Inspector LY Rajesh from HSR Layout police station along with Kannada actors Srinagar Kitty and Yash
Inspector LY Rajesh from HSR Layout police station along with Kannada actors Srinagar Kitty and Yash

In a bid to maintain peace and avoid any untoward incident after the Ayodhya verdict, the HSR Layout police station came up with a novel idea.

The cops, along with social activists celebrities and religious leaders took out a peace procession in the area yesterday.

More than 1,000 people participated in the procession where several societies pledged to maintain social harmony and brotherhood.

Brainchild of Inspector LY Rajesh, the rally was a huge success.

The delegation went to local temples and mosques, and prayed for peace. They also went to schools, colleges, and IT companies and educated people on the importance and need of maintaining social accord.

Rajesh said, “I believe that the procession will help in a big way to maintain peace. As people follow celebrities and religious leaders, were asked to join the initiative.” Rajesh is sure that peace will prevail in HSR Layout.

“People from several societies have taken an oath to maintain peace in the area,” he said.

Kannada actor Srinagar Kitty, who also participated in the procession, said, “Like always, if any untoward incident takes place, it’s the general public that gets affected. Besides, it’s not the common man but anti-social elements that indulge in disruptive activities. Thus, I want to urge people to be calm and set an example for others.”

Likewise, Yash another actor, said, “I believe that we are one and humanity is above any religion. We should accept the court’s verdict and must maintain peace.”

Whereas Mohammed Hussain, a local Muslim leader, said, “It enough of violence now. We all want peace and will ensure that there’s harmony in our area. Besides, anyone caught indulging in violent activities should be severely punished.”

Source: Mid-Day.com, Picture taken by Sanjay MD

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