HSR Site Owners-Clear you Site or pay Penalty

3rd Sector Park, yet to be developed

People from different parts of the country want to settle down in Bangalore not only because it has an equable climate but also because it is fast becoming a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis. So, everyone wants to own a house or a site here but there is a problem: Some people, after buying sites, do not care to maintain them, thus creating nuisance in the entire locality.
To control/stop this trend, BBMP has initiated a drive to clean up the vacant sites. This has been taken up seriously by the BBMP in the HSR Layout, which is a sign of some good development. The cleaning work started one week before, though the BBMP had sent the circular to this effect to the concerned ward office long ago.
“Initially it started in 3rd Sector and we have cleaned 14 sites so far in this sector. Now we have taken up work in 7th Sector. Other sites will get cleaned up based on the grievances received from the Residents’ Welfare Association and the general public,” a BBMP official said.
“The residents of 1st Sector have written to us to clean 40 sites in their sector. So our next priority will be that,” said T S Prasanna Kumar, Junior Engineer, Ward 174, and added, “The cost of cleaning will be tripled and reimbursed from the owner of the site as a penalty. This amount will be added to the property tax he is liable to pay. We are also writing to BDA about the cleaning of sites which belong to them. Later, we will consult the revenue officer to give us a clear picture of vacant sites. By this, our work will become easy and we can keep a proper account of the sites and their cleaning.”
The residents of HSR Layout are happy about this drive by BBMP and they have thanked Corporator Latha Narasimhamurthy who has initiated this move. They hope that maximum number of sites will be cleaned by BBMP as early as possible.
—Punnyavathi Gouli S, Jagran City Plus

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