3rd Sector Park-BDA Yet to Decide

HSR Layout 3rd Sector Park Site

Long Back we had reported about Rocks being dumped in the site meant for Park, it’s been 2 years , though the rocks has been cleared Residents of HSR Layout 3rd Sector are eagerly and painstakingly waiting for work on the neighborhood park of 17th ‘A’ Main, 23rd ‘A’ Cross to start.
After many hurdles, somehow the boulders that were dumped there have been cleared. Residents are using this four-acre park but a lot need to be done before they can use it freely. But the BDA’s Town Planning Commission has not yet taken a final decision about this park.
Dharmendhar, one of the residents of 23rd Main said, “This area is slowly becoming an urban slum, unless the authorities look into the real problem nothing can happen. We are waiting for a good park in our area, but it’s getting delayed for one or the other reason. Hoping the authorities consider this area and come to a good conclusion.”Speaking to Cityplus, 3rd sector Residents’ Welfare Association secretary H M Javali said, “We wrote a letter to the BDA Commissioner on January 28, explaining him the issue. But so far we have not received any response. We just need a good park according to the plan.”
Then there is another problem for the residents. The 23rd ‘A’ Cross leads to the park and stops at the fencing of the west side of the park. There is a move to extend the park road to reach 18th Main easily, but then it would lead to a reduction of 20 per cent area of the park.

A resident, Sunitha Mohan, said, “If the park road is extended, then the HSR Club members will park their vehicles here, which will create a lot of nuisance. And it does not make sense to extend the road at all. It hardly takes five minutes to reach 18th Main from 23rd Main.”While speaking to Cityplus, a BDA source said, “Earlier this CA site was given to the Department of Youth Services and Sports of Karnataka to come up with an indoor stadium in HSR Layout, 3rd Sector. From many years this plan was on hold. Now residents wish to have a park here. The final decision is only left to BDA Commissioner and Town Planning Committee.”
Source: Jagran CityPlus

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