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Taking off on a holiday with your family could put your house at risk. With several people leaving behind independent houses and apartments locked for more than a week during summer vacations, burglars fancy their chances. Inspector L Y Rajesh of HSR Layout police station says, “With no activity in and around the house for up to a week, it becomes an easy target for burglars as they do not expect to face any obstacle to their activities.”

Police are asking citizens to cooperate with them in preventing burglaries. Among other things, they have been requesting citizens to inform the nearest police station about their travel plans and other necessary details.

“It helps to have details about your milkman, newspaper vendor, your house etc. It helps us keep a vigil on houses whose inmates are out on a vacation. Newspapers and milk packets lying unattended at the doorstep attract the attention of burglars,” explains Rajesh.TIPS TO SECURE YOUR HOUSE
» Do not keep valuables and ornaments at home. Instead, keep them in bank lockers.
» Switch off lighting equipment, as they would attract unnecessary attention.
» Keep the police informed about your travel plans.
» Inform the newspaper vendor and milkman too and leave their details with the police.
» Do not keep laptops, handycams and other costly gadgets.
» Do not park cars and vehicles on the road or pavement.
» Do not keep weapons and ammunition at home.
» Apartment dwellers must inform their association.
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