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Sewage overflows-Diseases spread on Haralur Road

SJR Redwoods-Haralur Road

Sewage water has flooded the basements of Ambalipura Residency, SJR Redwoods and Park Vista in the locality, leaving the residents to combat a host of diseases.

Other than Ambalipura Residency, the apartment complexes of SJR Redwoods and Park Vista, which together houses over a thousand families, are bearing the brunt of blocked drainages, resulting in sewage water flooding the basements, parking lots and every other low-lying area in the locality.

While the stink is unbearable, residents have contracted a variety of diseases, including upset stomach, cold, coughs and high fever, over the last few months.

Rajalakshmi, a homemaker residing in Ambalipura Residency, said,”Everyone in my family of four, including my two children, have fallen sick. Dirty water is everywhere and there is no way we can avoid diseases in this environment.” Continue reading Sewage overflows-Diseases spread on Haralur Road

Civic works at residents expense in HSR

Meenakshi Classic-27th Main Road, HSR

The scene of stray pigs grazing on the garbage opposite to a big bungalow, heaps of earth piled up and huge tunnel-like pipes on either side of the roads in a peaceful residential area like HSR Layout was not what any resident, who saw the layout being brought up in 1980s, would wish to see.

A number of multi-storey buildings on the other side of Sector 2 have been completely cut off. The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has dug up both sides of this long road and laid the steel pipes to be fitted underground for replacing the old concrete pipes, which had developed leakages.

Workers at the site, who were pumping out water from the old pipes, told DNA that they began the work only a few days ago and have no idea when it would be completed.

The water board has also dumped the steel pipes in many other places of HSR Layout, probably to let residents know that such a work would be undertaken by them soon.“The BBMP claims it has no funds to finish a work that has been undertaken. Why do they collect taxes then? Various civic authorities seem to be at war with each other. When one finishes a work, the other starts functioning,” said RS Hiremath, president of HSR Layout Sector 2 Resident Welfare Association. Continue reading Civic works at residents expense in HSR

HSR Site Owners-Clear you Site or pay Penalty

3rd Sector Park, yet to be developed

People from different parts of the country want to settle down in Bangalore not only because it has an equable climate but also because it is fast becoming a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis. So, everyone wants to own a house or a site here but there is a problem: Some people, after buying sites, do not care to maintain them, thus creating nuisance in the entire locality.
To control/stop this trend, BBMP has initiated a drive to clean up the vacant sites. This has been taken up seriously by the BBMP in the HSR Layout, which is a sign of some good development. The cleaning work started one week before, though the BBMP had sent the circular to this effect to the concerned ward office long ago.
“Initially it started in 3rd Sector and we have cleaned 14 sites so far in this sector. Now we have taken up work in 7th Sector. Other sites will get cleaned up based on the grievances received from the Residents’ Welfare Association and the general public,” a BBMP official said. Continue reading HSR Site Owners-Clear you Site or pay Penalty

HSR Roads Safety Highlighted at Bangalore Mirror

HSRLayout Article in Bangalore Mirror

Bangalore Mirror has been a Champion of Civic Issues and instrumental in making the authorities perform their duties properly, when ever It has reported any irregularities or problems the Government Bodies have listened and acted, I would like to Thank BM for highlighting the Road Safety Issue in HSR Layout in their yesterdays edition which was also posted on our Blog in July as The Deadly Road Junctions of HSR Layout. Hope the Authorities do the needful.

We also received several responses to the article in BM yesterday, here is one response that is worth sharing which we received from Mr.Shankar Balan, a resident HSR, Continue reading HSR Roads Safety Highlighted at Bangalore Mirror

HSR Cops Advise on How to Avoid getting Mugged

HSR 24th Main
HSR 24th Main After Substation

Police Inspector L Y Rajesh shares tips to play safe and avoid losing your valuables to street robbery. Includes emergency contact numbers of HSR Layout police officials.

Recently a certain type of vehicle mugging cases is on the rise. They seem to be targeting IT employees specifically.

The areas that have been targeted are around Iblur junction, between Iblur and Marathahalli, or Iblur to Kaikondrahalli or Kaikondrahalli to Wipro.

Timings is usually between 11 am to 4 pm. The offenders are riding a black Pulsar.  They are two or three of them. The vehicle has a kannada registration number plate. Identification marks: One person is stout and has a dark complexion. Another one is lean with medium complexion. Continue reading HSR Cops Advise on How to Avoid getting Mugged