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Be Alert-Muggers on Prawl on Outer Ring Road

Accenture Outer Ring Road

Since the past three months, a group of bike-borne muggers has been targeting motorists on lonely stretches of the Outer Ring Road, especially between Bellandur and Marathalli, Iblur and Kaikondrahalli, and Kaikondrahalli and Wipro. They are bold enough to strike victims in broad daylight. Police say they strike only once or twice in a month.

Cops on alert
The HSR Layout police have sent e-mail alerts to residents and IT companies in the area. A four-man patrol squad has been formed to nab the gang. The mobile numbers of the officers/beat constables are:
Inspector Rajesh — 9448448833
Sub-Inspector Mirza Ali Raza — 9972833003
Ashok (towards Marathalli) — 9902660986 (on Cheetah)
Vijayamurthy (towards Iblur) — 9980834703 (on Cheetah)
Manjunath — 9845668681 (crime squad)
Ravindranath — 9980399551 (crime squad)

Incidents of highway thieves waylaying unsuspecting motorists are now all too common in the city.

The robbers’ modus operandi is to stop a motorist at a lonely spot, falsely accuse their target of causing injury to one of their number and then demand ‘compensation’ – sometimes at knife point. Continue reading Be Alert-Muggers on Prawl on Outer Ring Road

HSR Thief stole laptops for kebabs, beer

Image Source: NDTV.Com

Sold them for a mere Rs. 4,000, without even knowing what they are used for or the actual value of the goods

His own greed proved costly for 23-year-old V Santosh, who used to steal laptops and sell them at less than one-tenth of their original price — to buy chicken kebabs and beer. He had been involved in the crime for the last two months, without even knowing what laptops do.

He simply sold them to a local for Rs. 4,000 apiece. All this stopped when the HSR Layout police arrested him on Monday. Continue reading HSR Thief stole laptops for kebabs, beer

HSR Cops Advise on How to Avoid getting Mugged

HSR 24th Main
HSR 24th Main After Substation

Police Inspector L Y Rajesh shares tips to play safe and avoid losing your valuables to street robbery. Includes emergency contact numbers of HSR Layout police officials.

Recently a certain type of vehicle mugging cases is on the rise. They seem to be targeting IT employees specifically.

The areas that have been targeted are around Iblur junction, between Iblur and Marathahalli, or Iblur to Kaikondrahalli or Kaikondrahalli to Wipro.

Timings is usually between 11 am to 4 pm. The offenders are riding a black Pulsar.  They are two or three of them. The vehicle has a kannada registration number plate. Identification marks: One person is stout and has a dark complexion. Another one is lean with medium complexion. Continue reading HSR Cops Advise on How to Avoid getting Mugged

Brave HSR Cop on the path to recovery

HSR Police Station
HSR Police Station

A police constable, who was injured while saving a woman from robbers, has been advised two months rest by doctors.

Venugopal, 26, was hurt while grapping with one of the two armed robbers, who had been threatening to murder a fashion designer, Vasundhara, 25, at her house in HSR Layout on August 13.

The constable’s brave act saved the woman.

Though he was discharged from hospital, the constable expressed fear that the injury might affect the mobility of his wrist.
Inspector LY Rajesh of HSR Layout police station said his men had gone to the woman’s house on 31st Main after getting information about the robbery. When they reached her house, they found the robbers were about to stab her. Continue reading Brave HSR Cop on the path to recovery

From HSR Muggers Shift near NICE Road

The muggers prowling the stretch of Ring Road near HSR Layout appear to have shifted to the road connecting Electronics City with Bannerghatta Road, which runs parallel to the NICE corridor.

Commuters are taking the road parallel to NICE Road (above) connecting Hosur Road and Bannerghatta Road fearing blockades by protesters.

Motorists have been using this road since the NICE corridor has been blocked by villagers protesting over some issue. But, in the last three days, techies and corporate executives have complained of muggings on the road.

The latest attack was reported on Wednesday by a techie of Wipro Technologies who was attacked by a few men late in the afternoon on a deserted stretch. The techie had used the road connecting the back gate of Wipro Technologies and Bannerghata Road.

Following several such incidents, cautionary messages have begun appearing on the web and community group sites alerting other techies and advising them to either avoid the stretch or be careful while using it. Continue reading From HSR Muggers Shift near NICE Road