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Dedicated safe cycling infrastructure for HSR Layout

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Residents and government agencies together are teaming up to implement HSR Layout’s cycling project for children, office goers and everybody – how can you help?-By Saju Joseph

What if our children could cycle safely around the neighborhood going to schools, classes and doing errands freely?

What if we had at least 25% of our office-going crowd ride comfortably from residence to offices thus reducing traffic, pollution and stress?
What if we could begin to get in touch with our neighbours, our neighbourhood, our city and its great weather.. and have fun while at it?
How would it be if we proved this concept here and then extended this to Bangalore and then India?
We have taken on a project to make this a reality starting with our layout and offices close by. We have created a core team of resident leaders, older children, enthusiasts, urban planners, office goers and others and are closely working with government agencies to make this a reality. Continue reading Dedicated safe cycling infrastructure for HSR Layout

3rd Sector Park-BDA Yet to Decide

HSR Layout 3rd Sector Park Site

Long Back we had reported about Rocks being dumped in the site meant for Park, it’s been 2 years , though the rocks has been cleared Residents of HSR Layout 3rd Sector are eagerly and painstakingly waiting for work on the neighborhood park of 17th ‘A’ Main, 23rd ‘A’ Cross to start.
After many hurdles, somehow the boulders that were dumped there have been cleared. Residents are using this four-acre park but a lot need to be done before they can use it freely. But the BDA’s Town Planning Commission has not yet taken a final decision about this park.
Dharmendhar, one of the residents of 23rd Main said, “This area is slowly becoming an urban slum, unless the authorities look into the real problem nothing can happen. We are waiting for a good park in our area, but it’s getting delayed for one or the other reason. Hoping the authorities consider this area and come to a good conclusion.” Continue reading 3rd Sector Park-BDA Yet to Decide

HSR Roads Safety Highlighted at Bangalore Mirror

HSRLayout Article in Bangalore Mirror

Bangalore Mirror has been a Champion of Civic Issues and instrumental in making the authorities perform their duties properly, when ever It has reported any irregularities or problems the Government Bodies have listened and acted, I would like to Thank BM for highlighting the Road Safety Issue in HSR Layout in their yesterdays edition which was also posted on our Blog in July as The Deadly Road Junctions of HSR Layout. Hope the Authorities do the needful.

We also received several responses to the article in BM yesterday, here is one response that is worth sharing which we received from Mr.Shankar Balan, a resident HSR, Continue reading HSR Roads Safety Highlighted at Bangalore Mirror

HSR Cops Spread peace message

Inspector LY Rajesh from HSR Layout police station along with Kannada actors Srinagar Kitty and Yash
Inspector LY Rajesh from HSR Layout police station along with Kannada actors Srinagar Kitty and Yash

In a bid to maintain peace and avoid any untoward incident after the Ayodhya verdict, the HSR Layout police station came up with a novel idea.

The cops, along with social activists celebrities and religious leaders took out a peace procession in the area yesterday.

More than 1,000 people participated in the procession where several societies pledged to maintain social harmony and brotherhood.

Brainchild of Inspector LY Rajesh, the rally was a huge success.

The delegation went to local temples and mosques, and prayed for peace. They also went to schools, colleges, and IT companies and educated people on the importance and need of maintaining social accord.

Rajesh said, “I believe that the procession will help in a big way to maintain peace. As people follow celebrities and religious leaders, were asked to join the initiative.” Rajesh is sure that peace will prevail in HSR Layout. Continue reading HSR Cops Spread peace message

The Deadly Road Junctions of HSR Layout

19th Main-17th Cross JunctionThere is no better word to call these Junctions of HSR Layout for what they have become, where  accidents and collisions have become regular , few days ago an Innova turned turtle at 19th Main and 17th Cross Junction, and today an i10 collided with an Estillo car at 19th Main and Club Road Junction. Thankfully no deaths have taken place except for minor injuries, but do we need to wait until then?. The Authorities needs to build Speed Breakers at all these junction and  install “Round About Island” specially at 19th Main and 17th Cross Junction which is very wide and creates lot of confusion among the drivers.

Because of the Flyover work at Agara and 14th Main Signal most of the outer ring road traffic is passing through HSR Layout, finding shortcuts and trying Continue reading The Deadly Road Junctions of HSR Layout