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Be Alert-Muggers on Prawl on Outer Ring Road

Accenture Outer Ring Road

Since the past three months, a group of bike-borne muggers has been targeting motorists on lonely stretches of the Outer Ring Road, especially between Bellandur and Marathalli, Iblur and Kaikondrahalli, and Kaikondrahalli and Wipro. They are bold enough to strike victims in broad daylight. Police say they strike only once or twice in a month.

Cops on alert
The HSR Layout police have sent e-mail alerts to residents and IT companies in the area. A four-man patrol squad has been formed to nab the gang. The mobile numbers of the officers/beat constables are:
Inspector Rajesh — 9448448833
Sub-Inspector Mirza Ali Raza — 9972833003
Ashok (towards Marathalli) — 9902660986 (on Cheetah)
Vijayamurthy (towards Iblur) — 9980834703 (on Cheetah)
Manjunath — 9845668681 (crime squad)
Ravindranath — 9980399551 (crime squad)

Incidents of highway thieves waylaying unsuspecting motorists are now all too common in the city.

The robbers’ modus operandi is to stop a motorist at a lonely spot, falsely accuse their target of causing injury to one of their number and then demand ‘compensation’ – sometimes at knife point. Continue reading Be Alert-Muggers on Prawl on Outer Ring Road

Truckers Menace in front of Fernhill Gardens

Fernhill Gardens Apartments
Fernhill Gardens Apartments

Fernhill Gardens Residents who already face a Big Smelling Drainage (Though covered ) have got another problem now, the Sand Trucks who for all these years were stationed on service road near Silk Board Junction have moved to the service road in Sector 6th In front of Fernhill Apartments, because of the Silk Board BTMC Bus Stop , here is a report from Bangalore Mirror.

Residents of Fernhill Gardens Apartments dare not open their windows in the mornings for fear of finding drivers of sand lorries bathing below.

And when they step out of the building, they have a traffic problem to contend with. Residents of the nearly 300 flats in the apartment complex situated on the Ring Road, HSR Layout, have been complaining to the police about the lorries on the two service roads leading to the apartment but nothing’s happened so far. Continue reading Truckers Menace in front of Fernhill Gardens

The Deadly Road Junctions of HSR Layout

19th Main-17th Cross JunctionThere is no better word to call these Junctions of HSR Layout for what they have become, where  accidents and collisions have become regular , few days ago an Innova turned turtle at 19th Main and 17th Cross Junction, and today an i10 collided with an Estillo car at 19th Main and Club Road Junction. Thankfully no deaths have taken place except for minor injuries, but do we need to wait until then?. The Authorities needs to build Speed Breakers at all these junction and  install “Round About Island” specially at 19th Main and 17th Cross Junction which is very wide and creates lot of confusion among the drivers.

Because of the Flyover work at Agara and 14th Main Signal most of the outer ring road traffic is passing through HSR Layout, finding shortcuts and trying Continue reading The Deadly Road Junctions of HSR Layout

Chain Snatching incidents at HSR-Police on Alert

Source:The Hindu (Mockup Image)

The sudden spells of darkness engulfing the layout, courtesy the load-shedding , is also one of the main contributory factors for the spurt in chain snatching incidents.

We cant blame all on the power cuts, the commissioner however felt that Bangalore was still a safe city. As far as the specifics of chain snatching incidents were concerned , the culprits are usually young boys around 20-25 years on Bikes. They are targeting those near the Temples and those who are on a evening walk near various parks of HSR Layout, specially 2nd Sector Park near Purva Fairmont and the one on 5th Main Road.

Police in Action Mode:

HSR Layout police is taking no chance in letting these incidents increase any further. To check this crime, they have increased the patrolling around temples, parks and vulnerable areas like, 23rd  cross, 5th main, Hosapalya road, Mangammapalya main road. So don’t be surprised if any Khakhi Cop stops you and asks you to remove your helmet and asks about your address etc, Be polite and answer all there queries they are doing it for our safety. Continue reading Chain Snatching incidents at HSR-Police on Alert