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HSR Roads Safety Highlighted at Bangalore Mirror

HSRLayout Article in Bangalore Mirror

Bangalore Mirror has been a Champion of Civic Issues and instrumental in making the authorities perform their duties properly, when ever It has reported any irregularities or problems the Government Bodies have listened and acted, I would like to Thank BM for highlighting the Road Safety Issue in HSR Layout in their yesterdays edition which was also posted on our Blog in July as The Deadly Road Junctions of HSR Layout. Hope the Authorities do the needful.

We also received several responses to the article in BM yesterday, here is one response that is worth sharing which we received from Mr.Shankar Balan, a resident HSR, Continue reading HSR Roads Safety Highlighted at Bangalore Mirror

Truckers Menace in front of Fernhill Gardens

Fernhill Gardens Apartments
Fernhill Gardens Apartments

Fernhill Gardens Residents who already face a Big Smelling Drainage (Though covered ) have got another problem now, the Sand Trucks who for all these years were stationed on service road near Silk Board Junction have moved to the service road in Sector 6th In front of Fernhill Apartments, because of the Silk Board BTMC Bus Stop , here is a report from Bangalore Mirror.

Residents of Fernhill Gardens Apartments dare not open their windows in the mornings for fear of finding drivers of sand lorries bathing below.

And when they step out of the building, they have a traffic problem to contend with. Residents of the nearly 300 flats in the apartment complex situated on the Ring Road, HSR Layout, have been complaining to the police about the lorries on the two service roads leading to the apartment but nothing’s happened so far. Continue reading Truckers Menace in front of Fernhill Gardens

HSR RWA Demands Proper Waste Disposal

Image Source: Citizen Matters

They unanimously demanded a clean layout and asked their corporator to look into the garbage problem.

At the resident welfare association (RWA) meeting of HSR Layout on Sunday, members put forth their demands to corporator Latha Narasimha Murthy.

R S Hiremath, who was elected president of HSR RWA, said garbage disposal is a major issue plaguing the layout. “The corporator has promised to look into the issue,” he said. Officials from BBMP and BDA also attended the meeting.

Former HSR RWA president Brigadier R S Murthy said Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTC) dug up the road long ago but is yet to repair it. “We had asked KPTC officers to attend the RWA meet but none came. This is very disappointing. Civic authorities shouldn’t just dig up the road and leave it like that. Now, it’s raining every other day, posing a danger to residents,” he pointed out. Continue reading HSR RWA Demands Proper Waste Disposal

Residents Voice:Not a drip of water for the past 2 months

Dry Taps?

Wishing you a happy and joyous Deepavali , We would like to start a new Section called “Residents Voice” where we will post your thoughts, problems, Suggestions to make HSR Layout a better place to live.
Here is our first mail that we recieved from Mr.Ramkumar

Dear Sir,

I live in HSR layout second sector . Residents in 25th C Cross , 27th Main are facing huge water problems for the past 2 months. Around 20 houses which are on an elevation in this street have not received water for the past 2 months. We have to go to the BWSSB office at HSR layout every time and make a complaint. After that we get tankers. Every time we get an answer that pressure is not there. Isn’t it important to find out the cause and rectify the same ? This is creating lot of inconvenience for us. It is very frustrating to see that the residents who are in the low lying areas in the same street get good water but we don’t . It is much more frustrating to see that so much of water is being used for construction whereas we have to struggle for our basic needs. In spite of all these difficulties we promptly get our monthly bills with reading “ No draw” ?????? I request your help in resolving this issue at the earliest.