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HSR Layout to get Karnatakas First Startup Incubation Hub

Map of Startups in HSR Layout
Map of Startups in HSR Layout- Credit BangaloreStartups

Good News for Talented Folks with ideas to start their own ventures, Karnataka Government has announced its first Startup Incubation Hub and has chosen our HSR Layout as its location,  The Karnataka government has decided to pump in as much bas Rs 30.3 crore into a startup incubation hub that would be established on a 35,000 sq ft CA plot at HSR Layout, which will give supportive environment and infrastructure for nurturing startup companies in Bengaluru. The Location and sector details will be shared soon here on HSRLayout.info , hope it does not replace any of the Play Grounds or Parks already used by residents of HSR Layout, nor gets in to controversy with Green Brigade or HSR resident welfare associations for any tree felling / initial disturbances the construction may lead to. This initiative should not be seen at a local level but at a Macro level for the benefit of  Bengaluru and Karnataka as a whole, as this would lower the cost of Startups and build the confidence of the Foreign Investors in the Local Talents and Ideas.  Remember a Gigantic Company like Infosys too was once a startup.  Continue reading HSR Layout to get Karnatakas First Startup Incubation Hub